Colton Haynes

Colton is an American actor.

He began working on TV, appearing here and there, until he landed his breakout role in “Teen Wolf”.

Since then, he has appeared in “Arrow”, “Scream Queens” and we are waiting for “American Horror Story”‘s new season!

He is openly gay.




Collin Donnell

Collin is an American actor that began his work in theatre.

He managed to cross over to the small screen, with roles in “Arrow” and Dick Wolf’s “Chicago” franchise.


Charlie David

Charlie is a Canadian actor, best known for is role in “Dante’s Cove”, one of the early LGBT programming from HERE TV.

Let me tell you this, Dante’s Cove is so bad that it is actually good in a wierd way – go watch it and laugh with all of it!

Charlie is here for eye candy only reasons! I have not seen any of his work outside of Dante’s Cove…
But if he wants to undress on cam, I would want to see xD

He is openly gay


Chace Crawford

Chace is an American actor, most known for is role in “Gossip Girl”.

He has made a few appearances, but the world is still waiting for another big (and eye candy) role!